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Affirmations to Release Fear & Anxiety

My journey of overcoming my fear never felt fully compelling until I stumbled upon my first discovery. Fear is our mind’s way of protecting us. Our minds are hardwired with great discernment to process what is threatening to us and coordinate a response. However many of us suffer from this biological process in excess, as though if we for one moment let our guard down our protection is no longer there and we are exposed. This is what makes our lives become debilitating and often we find we can’t, or maybe, won’t uncouple from our fears.

I find myself examining mortality anytime I feel slightly sick everytime I go outside and wonder if life can ever be the same again. Many of us understand that we’re living in at a time where fear is at an all time high. With social distancing from our friends and family, disinfecting everything, distrust of our policy makers and even people who walk within 2 meters of us… But how can we release our fears? How can we stop perpetually living surrounded by our fears?

Just as we have complied and grown accustomed to the health protocols that are life saving. We too can find comfort in knowing that there is some version of us that lives without unending fear. Sadness of not being able to hold our loved ones, to enjoy the outdoors and feeling deprived of human contact is normal and justified. But fear does not have to be a part of the equation. Because of collective fear we lack the capacity to imagine that our shame has a history and therefore a future that could be curtailed.

Diving deeper and working with fear, instead of against it is paramount, we have the innate ability to find our spiritual power. Even during a pandemic where death is the reality for thousands across the globe. We should detach ourselves from our fantasizing about the worst possible scenarios. Our tendencies to over prepare for the unknown only stirs the instability of our minds. Finding our spiritual power means to give ourselves the generosity and kindness we extend to others, when we are tolerant and forgiving with ourselves we can better understand why we feel what we do. Our power lies in working from our souls spirit to rid fear from our mind and hearts.

We have the ability to practice affirmations that further remind us that what we feel is impermanent, sometimes optional. This is something many of us, including myself are not always in the best practice of doing, but today is a great day to start. Prepare for your blessings today. Prepare for your free spirit today. When set backs happen. That is okay. Instead of being self-critical for lacking discipline, trust yourself. Value myself more. If you want to do something, do it because you said you will. What you say will go and it will be.


Find a quite place in the morning. Before you start your day you can commit to a moment or two to feel connected with your being, with your unconscious and conscious self. This work will help you feel grounded throughout your day. If you choose, you can look at your reflection into a mirror. This may help you to focus your energy into affirming your words. If you can’t focus take deep breaths, use your time to meditate, take a bath, use essential oils and feel your body, express your feelings to yourself out loud, move your body and feel your presence, take a walk, journal. Take more deep breaths. Remind yourself of what is in and out of your control. You can burn some sage, this can greatly improve with mental focus if you struggle with that. It clears negative energy. Cleans the air and eliminates bad bacteria. Give a better nights sleep.


Today I am not afraid.

I am deattached from fear in my life.

I am responsible for my wellness, joy and peace.

I take care of myself.

I am not perfect and I am not trying to be.

I deserve the same compassion I give to others in my life.

I am intentional in expressing myself and celebrating myself.

I am enough, and I am doing enough.

I am powerful, I am capable, I am worthy.

When I am present, my fear goes away.

The future will no longer frighten me.

I will show up for myself, even if no one else does.

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