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How to Maintain the Momentum of the Black Lives Matter Movement

A week ago our timelines were filled with Black Lives Matter content and now it’s not. Even when our personal algorithms should be doing the opposite due to the sheer number of people still tweeting and posting and engaging with this movement. This is a way for voices to be silenced, for outraged to be contained, and to get people to move on. These social media platforms know that we are a threat to the system, we cannot let this be forgotten and there are many people who still haven’t seen justice.

We need to continue to fight and as time goes on we are seeing more and more social and legislative changes. All the protesting, donating, and sharing videos and photos and references for people have accomplished so much.

In 10 days Minneapolis bans the use of chokeholds. The charges are upgraded for Derek Chauvin and the other officers are charged. Dallas Police adopt ‘Duty to Intervene’ policy to prevent police brutality and abuse. New Jersey will overhaul its use-of-force guidelines, the first time in 20 years. Los Angeles City Council motions to reduce LAPDs’ $1.8 billion operating budget. The transit agency MBTA in Boston stops transporting riot police to protests. Multiple cities police brutality of protestors and civilians captured on camera leads to near-immediate suspension and firing. Monuments commemorating and memorializing confederates, slave traders, and many of histories glorified figures are removed nationally and worldwide.

But how do we support and sustain the black uprising. It is beyond supporting and planning actions with black lead organizations. We can make an ongoing effort to educate white people and create healthy spaces for discussing racial injustice and white supremacy in schools and in workplaces. Sign petitions, donate and share resources for others to the same. Below are petitions that still need your support, please sign and share.

Justice for Belly Mujinga

“This petition exists to help find and prosecute the individual who assaulted Belly Mujinga at London Victoria whilst knowingly being infected with COVID-19. This cruel and senseless act of unprovoked violence ultimately likely lead to her death at the hands of this relentless virus and the hospitalisation of her colleague.”

Justice for Shukri Abdi

“Shukri Abdi, 12 y/o black Somali Muslim girl deserves justice! Her parents came to the UK as refugees 2 years prior to her murder. Last year Shukri was tormented by her bullies, the coroner found bite marks on her body and witnesses to the case were dismissed. According to eyewitnesses, she was dragged by 4 classmates into the river. Her case was dismissed after just 10 hours.”

Justice for Breonna Taylor

“Breonna Taylor was an award-winning EMT and model citizen. She loved her family and community. She worked at two hospitals as an essential worker during the pandemic. One month ago, a division of the Louisville Police Department performed an illegal, unannounced drug raid on her home. Not a single officer announced themselves before ramming down her door and firing 22 shots, shooting Breonna 8 times, killing her. The police officers were not even in the right home”

Justice for David McAtee

“David McAtee was shot and killed by the LMPD and the National Guard just after midnight local time on June 1st at his BBQ stand on the corner of 26th & Broadway in Louisville, Kentucky. He was unarmed when he was shot and his body was left in the street for more than 12 hours after the incident occurred. Those who knew McAtee attested that he was an amazing man and volunteered his time giving meals to his community. Please help bring justice and peace for him and his family by identifying and arresting his killer.”

Justice for Cameron Green

“Cameron Green was shot and killed April 21st by correctional officer, Carlton Fidler after being invited to his home by two teenage girls. Fidler covered up the incident after shooting Cameron multiple times claiming Cameron broke into his home. Fidler killed Cameron and he tampered with evidence while portraying Cameron as a home invader. Fidler planted his home items in the pockets of Cameron to make the allegations of a home invasion true. Cameron was a loving father, son, brother, and friend. He had a two year old daughter and a family to care for. He deserves justice. The police department covered up the murder of Cameron Green. Please sign this petition to help get justice for Cameron. His family deserves peace.”

Justice for Joseph

“Almost 5 years ago, Joseph disappeared and 5 days later, he was found with approximately 66lbs of rocks strapped to his chest, floating in Griffy lake, right outside of IU Bloomington’s campus. He was last seen out with his fraternity brothers of Sigma Pi. He was found with binoculars around his neck, most likely from being out there, with his brothers, to catch a rare glimpse of the blood moon phase that was happening that night. He was a pre-pharmaceutical science major, a great swimmer and was destined to do incredible things…but his life was stolen from him, and then quickly swept under the rug by Bloomington Police Department.”

Justice for Darren Rainey

We demand justice for Darren Rainey, a nonviolent offender who was locked in a boiling hot shower for 2 hours by prison guards, leading to his excruciatingly painful death. The prison guards responsible for torturing and killing Darren Rainey must be held accountable.

Justice for Christopher Terrell

“My brother Christopher Terrell was gunned down by 2 caucasians claiming to be contractors on December 11,2015. His assailants were never charged due to their connections with the Cincinnati Police Department. Christopher was walking to his grandmother’s house after leaving a friends house when the killing took place. The Cincinnati Police Department attempted to say it was a robbery on Christopher’s part although there wasn’t a gun found on the scene. Multiple witnesses came forward and said Christopher didn’t have a gun but were turned away.”

Justice for Angel Bumpass

“13 year old female fasley convicted of murder. On October 3, 2019, tens years later Angel Bumpass was found guilty of a murder that was committed in 2009, by a jury after only 4 hours and 30 minutes approximately of deliberation.”

Justice for Katera Jenkins-Barker

“On May 23rd, Katera Jenkins (Barker) ‘s life was cut tragically short. It wasn’t by cancer or by an act of God, it was at the hands of her caretaker, and soon to be adoptive father, Matt Barker. While in the custody of the Bethany Cristian adoption services of Tennessee.”

Justice for Julius Jones

“When Julius Jones was 19-years-old, he was convicted of a murder he says he did not commit. I need your help to save his life. Julius has lived on death row for almost 20 years, and is held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. He is allowed one hour of sunlight a day, and three showers a week. Every minute we wait to take action, Julius is suffering. Every second that goes by brings Julius closer to being executed for a crime he didn’t commit.”

Justice For Joāo Pedro

“14-year-old Joāo Pedro was killed by the Rio de Janeiro police. In 2019 alone, Rio police killed 1,814 people; an all time record. The victims were mostly young black males. Joāo was shot at his home and his body was taken by the Rio de Janeiro police. His family waited 17 hours until receiving news of his whereabouts. They finally found his dead body at a medical examiner’s office. The family counted 72 bullet marks on the walls of the house. Cops say Joāo died in a shootout started by criminals. Neighbors say that is a lie. The escalation in police killings comes after Governor Wilson Witzel promised to, “dig graves,” and shoot criminals, “in their little heads,” to stop crime. Under Witzel, the Rio police carry out frequent sniper attacks from helicopters, always in poor neighborhoods. As a homework assignment, one child from a local school wrote: “I don’t like helicopters. When they come, people die.” The pandemic has not slowed the police but only made matters worse.”

Justice for Kendrick Johnson

“Kendrick Johnson was born on October 10, 1995. Johnson was an honor roll student and well-known athletic all around the school, which had caused him to gain a lot of attention, especially from females. However, one day Kendrick Johnson’s popularity began to make people jealous, which was when he had got into an argument with Brian Bell, who was a student at Lowndes High School located in Valdosta, Georgia along with KJ. Both Kendrick Johnson and Brian Bell constantly argued with each other over Brian Bell finding out that his girlfriend, who was Taylor Eakin, was having a sexual affair with Kendrick Johnson.

There were two confession statements floating around, which made national news. The first statement mentioned that Taylon Eakin had told someone’s best friend that it is true that Taylor Eakin had sexual intercourse with Kendrick Johnson and once Brian Bell found out he threatened Kendrick Johnson, instead of being mad at her for cheating on him. Kendrick Johnson had told Brian Bell to meet him in the gym after the third block.

Both Brian Bell and Ryan Hall, who is Brian Bell’s friend, had met Kendrick Johnson in the gym and then Brian Bell killed Kendrick Johnson. Brian Bell has also stated that he killed Kendrick Johnson multiple times over the phone. Brandon Bell, who is both a student at Valdosta High School and the brother of Brian Bell, had got drunk at a party on July 4 of 2013 and told people that Brian Bell killed Kendrick Johnson.

The second statement was about Ryan Anthony Domek-Hernandez, who is a friend of Branden Bell, side of the story, which said that when he went to Branden Bell’s apartment in Florida, Branden Bell had told him that Brian Bell killed Kendrick Johnson by striking his neck with a 45 pound weight/dumbbell after they began arguing over Taylon Eakin. According to Brandon Bell, Brian Bell had told Ryan Hall that if he did not keep quiet and help him move Kendrick Johnson’s body, his father, who is Rick Bell, who is a retired F.B.I. agent would make sure that he would pay for it. Rick Bell had then contacted Sheriff Chris Prine and notified him about the “fight” between both Brian Bell and Kendrick Johnson.

Then, Sheriff Chris Prine contacted the county coroner (Kendrick Johnson’s organs were removed and replaced with newspaper to hide evidence, hide other injuries, and allow the time of death to be unpredictable, which was determined during the second autopsy). Rick Bell then contacted another F.B.I. agent, who remains unknown, so that he could edit the school’s surveillance video by deleting an hour and twenty-five minutes of the school’s original surveillance video.

Ryan Anthony Domek-Hernandez had said that Branden Bell also had told him that the autopsy was falsely documented. However, after Kendrick Johnson’s mother (Jacquelyn Johnson) and father (Kenneth Johnson) did a second autopsy on him, they had found out that his death was NOT accidental and he had died from blunt force trauma to the upper neck on the right.”

Justice For Amari Boone

“Amari Boone, Age 3, went through horrific child abuse resulting in his death while in CPS care. Little Amari was admitted to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth Texas on 04/10/2020 and was 1 out of 3 children who died that week alone from severe child abuse. Six other additional child where also admitted for severe child abuse. Doctor’s at Cook Children’s medical hospital revealed that Amari was admitted to the hospital for seizures, a fatal head injury, both arms, three fingers, and his pelvis broken. Amari also had bruises throughout his body as a result of ongoing child abuse. Prior to Amari’s murder his parents reported to caseworkers bruising on Amari and that they suspected he was being abused in his foster home. CPS failed to remove Amari from the home, and ultimately it helped contribute to his death. 

Amari Boone was three years old, he didn’t deserve to have his little body covered in bruises, he didn’t deserve to have both arms, several fingers, and his pelvis broken. Amari didn’t deserve to be hit so hard in the head that it caused a massive brain bleed that led to a coma and death. He didn’t deserve pleas for his well being to be ignored until it was too late. Amari should’ve been playing with toys, being read bedtime stories. He should’ve been having minor boo boos kissed away. Amari should’ve felt loved, cherished, and protected. Instead he will never see his fourth birthday and Justice NEEDS to be served.

There have been zero arrests made in his case and that’s NOT acceptable. Amari failed and it led to him being brutally murdered, we will not fail him now! Sign the petition to the Texas Governor and District Attorneys Office. Call and demand justice. Share his pictures, share his story, make sure EVERYONE knows who he is! We will NOT fail him again and Justice will be served! Requested action from this petition is as follows. We want an overview of Amari’s case to the proper review boards to make sure that it is fully, and properly being investigated. We want CPS in the state of Texas to be subpoenaed on documentation for the last fiscal year for how many cases they’ve had involvement with that have ended in death. We want the Governor of Texas, and eventually all other states, to implement laws that act as safeguards for children during government shutdowns.”

Justice for Lakeith Smith and A’Donte Washington

“Lakeith Smith, now 20, was charged with the murder of his friend, A’Donte Washington when he was only 15— a crime he did not commit. A’donte died at the hands of a policeman, after the police fired 4 rounds into him – and he currently walks free. Smith, Washington, and a few other boys were participating in two break-ins of Millbrook homes in 2015. When authorities were called, there was an alleged shoot-out between Washington and the unnamed officer. Lakeith, the one charged, was found described as “scared” and “hidden.” Ultimately, A’Donte Washington was shot and killed by the officer. Despite Lakeith not having any participation in the shoot-out, under Alabama’s accomplice liability law that states, Smith and the other three men participating in the break-ins were found liable for the death of Washington. He was tried as an adult and was sentenced to 65 years in prison (which only recently got reduced to 55). The unnamed police officer who fired four shots into Washington walked free and remains anonymous. Smith did not participate in the act that ended A’Donte Washington’s life. Both men need their justice!”

Justice for Tamla Horsford

“Ronnie H Freeman is the current sheriff in Forsyth County. His office was in charge of the death investigation of Tamla Horsford. There are several issues with his investigation. First, the lead supervising investigator, Andy Kalin, was friends with one of the persons of interest, Jose Barrera. Andy Kalin, a personal friend of the sheriff, was hired after Ron was elected sheriff. Andy had no prior police experience but was hired in at a high position, bypassing the Forsyth County new hire protocol. Which includes a polygraph, background testing, etc. Ron Freeman’s 2016 Campaign Manager, Anna Debolis is friends with most of the person’s of interest. Not to mention that Jose Barrera has been a long time employee that works directly with the Forsyth County sheriff’s office.”

Justice for Young Uwa

“Uwa a 22years old year one student who frequents her local church to study, was raped and bashed In the head with a Fire extinguisher, in her local Church. The security personnel in the church is the main suspect because even hoodlums fear to attack a church not to talk of rape and murder. It is the modus operandi of the Nigerian Police to drag their feet or try to protect the rapist in exchange for some money. A lot of women have been raped over the past week. Police officers in Nigeria are pretty much figure heads. They mainly function as bodyguard for the rich, political thugs, oppressors etc. This petition is certainly going to put them on the spot.”

Justice for Alajunaye Davis

“16-year old Alajunaye Davis was murdered at a Baltimore drive by. Her murderers have not been caught. We are asking to bring justice for her and to get this case to the attention of the Baltimore area, so we can eventually find them and have them receive the charges that they should. As of 6/3, there is little information set on her case. To have a life taken from a person whose future was bright and prosperous with many opportunities, and to have a life taken from moments with her family and friends at such a young age is a cruel action to even think of.”

Justice for Tazne Van Wyk

“Little Tazne Van Wyk was kidnapped and later revealed to have been murdered. The community searched far and wide in hopes of finding her. Her body had been found outside Worcester in a stormwater pipe. The accused is a previous offender who absconded from parole a year before Tazne disappeared. Given the accused has a record for serious offences he should not have been on parole! SA Women Fight Back is calling for harsher punishment for crimes such as these against our children and women in this country!”

Justice for Rashad Cunningham

“I am the girlfriend to RASHAD CUNNINGHAM who was recently killed by the police in Gary IN in-front of our home while being dropped off after a night out. There was no “ traffic stop” the car was parked in our parking spot.. the officer drove past, reversed & shinned the spotlight on them… INSTANTLY STARTED QUESTIONING THEM, Rashad knew his rights…. he was explaining to the officer, he is sitting outside of the house, returning home.

NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG the officer questioned them for their IDS (him, his best friend & my stepbrother were in the presence) the officer walked up to Rashad seen he had a CLEAN/LICENSED TO CARRY HANDGUN in his lap. the officer opened fire on Rashad with no hesitation. Not a chance to give his ID. Didn’t even ask my baby did he have a gun license, just shot him in cold blood 5/6 times.. that is OVERKILL.

I am here to speak out for him because he is no longer able to fight for himself & he would do the same for ANYBODY ELSE. I will not let them get away with this. THIS WILL NOT GO UNNOTICED. The police are hiding everything “claiming” they gave the case to LAKE COUNTY. NOT A NAME OF THE OFFICER, NOT A PIECE OF A STORY TO GIVE OUR FAMILY SOME TYPE OF INFORMATION. Any type of clarification. 

It is been more than 24 hours with NOTHING. I’ve reached out to many reporters & news channels. Our people need everybody to gather together & FIGHT FOR THE JUSTICE of my son’s father… He was a father who cherished every moment he had with his children, he loved his family. He was a father, son, cousin, brother, uncle, etc & he has been gruesomely ripped away from us for no reason while sitting outside of his own home. Please please please just take the time to share this & get his story out.  RASHAD NEEDS JUSTICE & IT WILL BE SERVED. The police can not keep getting away with this! He was wrongfully killed!”

Justice for Alejandro Vargas Martinez

“Alejandro is an innocent 15-year-old, African American who got shot 7 times while walking to Boone High School, in December of 2018. NO ARREST HAVE BEEN MADE!!! By signing this petition you are raising awareness to help find his killers and make sure they get what they deserve. Send this petition to your friends and family, send this to your local news, make Alejandro’s name heard and most of all bring him justice.”

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